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Review employee capacity, hours, overtime and availability from one smart view

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Plans 💳 : Premium, Unlimited

User Permissions 👥: Admins, Managers

For legacy plans, please refer to the article here.

The People page is your one-stop shop for managing teams. You can monitor individual capacity, see who's logged their hours and ensure everyone's working to your priorities. Understanding how people spend their time also helps you distribute workloads and allocate resources effectively to hit your targets., every time.  

Click on a user's name from here to access their individual user page, where you can review or report on their activities. 

Learn about the Capacity feature

If you’re on the Company or Professional plan or any of our team plans, get to know the Control feature here.  


Your People page displays a list of all active users on the account. It represents everyone who is eligible to log hours or who has been invited to join your account. You'll see a running total number of users on the account at the very top.

Search for Users 

Typing user names or email addresses into the search bar will auto-populate their names. Selecting their name automatically redirects you to their individual dashboard, where you can see their activity, review user details, edit user permissions, and create a sharable or exportable report!

The search bar lets you quickly find users (especially helpful when you have seven employees named "Bob"!). 🤔

Active and Deleted Users

Can’t find an active user? This can be an indication that they’ve been deleted; check the deleted users list. From here you can verify whether you successfully removed John from Payroll from your Timely account. Good luck with your new job, John! 

On the top right-hand side of the Users list, you’ll see a drop-down menu showing “Active users”. To see users who are no longer on your account, open the drop-down and select “deleted users”. You have a 50/50 chance of clicking the correct option. 

Adding and Deleting Users

Add a user by clicking the "+New user" button in the upper right-hand corner of the People main page. This takes you to the ‘Invite New User’ page, where you can set the user access level, assign them to projects, set their rates and add them to a team. 

Users invited to a Timely account will receive an email to activate their account. Once they’ve activated it they’ll be tracking time and logging hours faster than Marty McFly! 

Made a mistake? No biggie! Edit their permissions anytime from the Individual user page.

Note: once a user has accepted their invite to Timely, only they will be able to change the name or email address associated with their account, which they can do by going to Settings > Profile.

How do I delete a user? 

Remove a user from an account by clicking the “…” or quick action button. You won’t lose their data; deleted user information will remain on your account so you can generate reports for projects they’re worked on. 

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