Delete a user

If you remove a user from your Timely account, no data will be lost what-so-ever! The user will lose access to their account, but their data will still show under their name and will remain visible on your account and all reports. 

NOTE: Once you delete a user, you cannot edit or adjust their hours, so be sure to make any changes or adjustments before removing them.

To delete a user:

  • Head to the People page
  • Click the "..." for the user you wish to remove
  • Select the Delete option. Simple!

Other Related Questions:

How do I delete/remove the original Admin on the account?

If the user you plan to delete is listed as the original admin, it's a little different.

  • Assign another person as an administrator¬†
  • Change access for the former admin to "normal user"¬†

The original admin will then be able to remove themself.  

*Note: Only the original admin can remove the original Admin. If you are the new Admin, you will need the original Admin's credentials to remove the original Admin from the account.

What happens to my subscription once I delete the original admin?

Nothing about your subscription will change. However, we will continue to send your account's subscription invoices to their email is still linked to your billing information. In such cases, please contact us immediately so we can adjust your information.

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