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Adding and removing seats
Adding and removing seats

Flexibility for building teams in Timely

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An essential part of keeping teams effective is assembling the right number of people. Too many people, and it’s difficult to ensure everyone is engaged and reaching their full potential; too few, and the expert crew you've put together is at risk of burning out. Once you've got that magic number figured out, Timely makes it easy to ensure you have the right number of seats available on your account. πŸ‘Β 

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What are seats?

In Timely, seats are licenses that you can assign to any user you need to be a part of your Timely account. You'll see the number of seats you currently have in the Subscriptions header when you're on your Subscriptions page.

​Note: Only one user can occupy one seat at a time, but they're super easy to add or remove as your needs change! πŸ’‘

Adding seats

If all the seats available on your subscription have already been filled, you can add another user to your account which will add another seat.

If you need to add some seats for the future, first go to Settings and click on Subscriptions. Scroll down until you see the Unused seats field. Click the "Add or remove seats" button to make any changes that you'd like. Easy as that! πŸŽ‰

You'll be charged for the pro-rata cost of the new seat when it's added for the remainder of your billing period (i.e. Monthly or Yearly).Β 

Note: Depending on your bank, you may be required to authorize the transaction before it's processed. 🏦

After the payment has been processed and you've added the seat, you can invite a new team member and get them rolling in Timely straight away!

Removing seats

If you decide that you no longer need some of the seats you've added to your subscription, no problem! Delete the user(s) directly from your People page.

If you've paid for additional seats above your plan's minimum number of seats, the seat will not be automatically removed from your subscription. You can either add another user to fill that seat or head to Settings > Subscriptions to remove the seat from your plan and receive a pro-rata credit for the paid time remaining on that seat, from when it was added to the end of your current billing period.
You will see the number of unused seats listed in the billing summary at the top of the Subscriptions page, as well as under the Status section further down.

Note: You can’t have fewer than the included number of set seats offered on your subscription plan. πŸ‘₯

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