Editing users in Timely

Update user access levels, hourly rates and project assignments

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Plans πŸ’³ : Everyone

User Permissions πŸ‘₯: Admins

Timely's user permissions pages allow you to change a user's access level, update their hourly rate and add/delete them from teams from one place. You can also add or delete them from all the projects at once, which saves you the effort of editing each project related to the user when their hourly rates or assignments change. Β Β 

How to find a user's permissions page

Head on over to the People tab and click on the user you want to edit. You'll see Edit User in the upper right-hand corner - click on that!Β 

Alternatively, you can also edit a user but clicking the "..." at the end of their name and selecting Edit from the drop-down menu.Β 

Here's what the permissions page looks like:

If you need to change a user's hourly rate, you can do so while specifying how the rate change is applied:

  • The new rate will only be applied to new projects the user is added to

  • The new rate is applied to all projects, meaning that previously entered hours will be updated to reflect the rate change

  • The new rate will only be applied to projects with the previously set billable rate

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