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Plans πŸ’³ : Premium, Unlimited, Unlimited+

User Permissions πŸ‘₯: Admins

Required add-ons: *Tasks (Needed for the Tasks functionality)
​ is an amazingly versatile project management platform that helps teams stay on track when executing complex business plans or deliverables - now made all the better with our comprehensive Timely integration!

How it works

When enabled, the integration will automatically sync the following activities FROM your instance TO your Timely workspace:


Projects imported via the integration will appear in Timely in the Projects dashboard and will have a "imported from" signifier. These are mapped from either a Board or a Group from, depending on your selection during set up.

Those users who are assigned to a Board/Group in should also be assigned to that same Project in Timely if they already exist within the workspace.


Clients imported from can be imported from "Boards". These can be viewed and managed in the Project Dashboard area of Timely, after clicking the "Manage Clients" button.


Tasks created in can be synched to Timely, but please note, that Tasks created in Timely do not sync to Tasks are required to have a "owner" in order to sync properly. The Tasks add-on in Timely is required for this functionally.


Tags are automatically imported from Boards using the hashtags in the "Tag" column. These will appear as individual tags in Timely, not part of a specific list.


Users will be imported via the integration if they are attached to a Group or Board and not already present within Timely. These new users will appear in the "Unassigned Users" section of the People Dashboard - they will not be automatically invited to Timely.

Workspace admins will need to review those users imported and click the "Send invite" button to ensure they are added to Timely moving forward. Subscription fees associated with additional seats/users will apply.

User permissions for those users will be automatically assigned based on their role in - admin users in will be admin users in Timely. All other users will have the "Employee" role. These user access levels can be adjusted if needed in Timely before you issue the invite, for more information on access levels we have a handy article HERE with additional context.

Connecting to Timely

Getting your instance and Timely workspace connected just takes a few clicks!

🚨 It's important that you use the same email address for both your Timely account and account in order to set up and configure this integration.

  1. Log into Timely

  2. Navigate to the Settings section by clicking the plug icon to the bottom left-hand side.

  3. Click the Ecosystem tab.

  4. Click the icon.

  5. Click the "Install Timely for" button to get started. A new window or tab will open into your account - you'll want to make sure you are logged into the workspace you'd like to integrate and should be an admin level user in both platforms to move forward.

  6. You'll be prompted to "Install Timely time tracking" and asked to review the permissions that Timely needs to function.

    1. Along the top, select either the "All workspaces" or "Specific workspaces" option to choose the workspace you'll be connecting.

  7. Click the "Install" button to being the installation process.

  8. Click the "Save" button to confirm this selection.

  9. Once the installation is complete, it's important that you close out that tab or window and navigate back to the Timely ecosystem page where you started from in order to complete the second portion of this integration set up.

  10. Next, click the "Connect new account" button to integrate into your Timely workspace. You may be asked to log into your account again to confirm.

  11. Confirm the workspace you are connecting to Timely and click the "Authorize" button to move forward.

  12. Use the radio buttons to select if you'd like to create "Projects & Clients" in Timely from, or create "Projects" in Timely from Note - this selection is important as it can't be changed without completely disconnecting the integration and going through this process again to re-connect

    1. If you select the option to import Projects & Clients - "Groups" in would be mapped to "Projects" in Timely and "Boards" in would be mapped to "Clients" in Timely.

    2. If you select the option to import just Projects - "Boards" in would be mapped to "Projects" in Timely. These projects will be under a single "Monday" client.

  13. Next, under the "Sync" header, you can opt to import all available objects from by selecting "Sync everything" or choose the specific boards you'd like under the "Sync from selected boards" option.

    1. If you elect to sync specific boards, you'll be given a prompt to select those boards you'd like to include or exclude

  14. Once you've made your selection, click the "Import and sync everything" or "Sync from selected boards" button to finalize setup.

  15. Success! You should be all set and will begin to see the selected items sync from to Timely after a short while.


If I remove the integration, will the items imported from be deleted as well?

No. Removing the integration will not remove any items that have synced over or been imported into Timely. This is why it's very important to select the appropriate sync mapping during the integration's initial set up, as imported items will need to be removed individually if required.

If I delete an item in, does that also remove it from Timely?
No. The integration is designed to import items into Timely, it doesn't keep the two platforms perfectly in sync.

How do the columns in impact what is imported into Timely?
We use the default columns with consideration to the data that is synced between the two platforms, but it should be noted that we use the "Person" column to know which (if any) user is assigned to a specific task within

What happens to Tasks that I mark as "Done" in

Those Tasks marked as "Done" in will also then be "completed" in Timely after the two platforms sync.

Who can set up the integration?

This is a workspace wide integration and must be managed by users with admin level access in Timely.

Oh no - I've made a mistake and need to change my mapping for, can I do that?

If you need to change the import mapping for this integration you will need to first remove it entirely and then go through the steps above to add it once again, selecting the other import mapping option at that time.

I've tried it out and it's just not for me - how do I go ahead and remove the integration?

Not to worry, sometimes needs change or platforms shift and an integration is no longer needed. Admin level users can remove it by heading to the Settings < Ecosystem section in Timely, clicking the option, and then the "Remove" button. You'll be asked to confirm by clicking the "Remove" button. Previously imported items will remain within Timely after the integration's removal, but no new items will sync over.

I have some thoughts I'd like to share about the integration and how it's worked for me - how do I get in touch?
​ is one of our new integrations and we'd love to know your thoughts and feedback! Please just click the link HERE to share your thoughts.

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