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How to create, edit, archive and delete clients in Timely

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In Timely, a client is the person or company you're billing project hours to or doing work for. Any project work you've done for a client can be reviewed in the Reports tab.

Creating a new client is extremely quick and easy. To get started, you need to create a project to affiliate the client with. 

Projects and clients go hand-in-hand; they cannot exist without each other. 🤝 

Other Related Questions

Can I edit and update a client name?

You totally can! Just click on the 'Manage clients' button on the Project page, click 'Edit' > 'Save' and BOOM 💥Done!

Is there a limit to how many clients I can have?

Nope! You can have as many clients as you want.

Can I delete a client? 

You can archive clients, but you can't delete them. If you created a client name by mistake, you can just change the name to something else or archive the client. You can access all archived clients by clicking on the 'Manage clients' button on the Project page and clicking 'Archived clients' from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: When you archive a client, you also archive all projects related to them. 

How do I unarchive a client?

In 'Manage clients', switch over to the 'Archived clients' list and select 'Reactivate' to restore an archived client. 

NOTE: This will only reactivate your client, not the projects that belong to them. You can restore them individually, if needed ー just open an archived project, click on the three dots in the top-right corner, and select 'Restore'

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