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How do I move a project to another client?
How do I move a project to another client?

Need to move a project to another client? Look no further!

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Sometimes you may create a project under the wrong client and need to move it over to the one you originally intended. No worries; it's super easy to move projects between clients in Timely.

Just follow these steps:

1. Select the Projects icon from the left navigation bar.Β 

2. If your project sits on the Dashboard page of Timely, choose to "Edit" the project by clicking on the three dots "...".

Alternatively, head to the "All Projects Page" and edit the the project you need again by selecting the three dots.

3. Select the client you'd like to move the project to from the 'Client' dropdown menu. You could also create a new client by using the 'Create new client' link.

4. Hit Update and your project will be moved!

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