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Tags in Timely
Creating and managing tags
Creating and managing tags

Add, edit and remove tags to manage project tasks and phases in Timely

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Tags are great organizational tools and can be used in many different ways. We mainly use them to track different project phases, tasks and sub-projects.

Admins can manage tag lists and tags by going to Settings > Tags:

Create a new tag list

Tag lists are great ways to standardize reporting across your projects and see how long different project phases take (e.g. the tag "Bugs" under the tag list "Programming", or the tag "Prototyping" under the tag list "Design").

Follow these steps to add the tags your team will need to attach to their time entries:

  • Hit the 'Create New' button to create a new tag list

  • Give your list a name

  • Click the 'Add Tag List' button to add the tag list or cancel if you change your mind

  • Congratulations! You made a tag list!

Since you can’t add an empty tag list to a project, you’ll need to add tags to your tag list.

  • Click the '+ Add Tag' button to create a new tag

  • Give your tag a name

  • Click the 'Add Tag' button to add the tag to the list

  • Select an emoji (great for quickly identifying the tag you're using)

Manage tags

On this page you’ll also be able to add, edit and delete as many tags as you need to. 🚧

Edit tag lists and tags

To edit a tag or tag list, just click on the name and you'll be presented with a free text box. Type your new name and hit Enter:

Tags can also be rearranged within tag lists. Just click a tag using the arrow buttons and drag to rearrange:

Note: While tags can be rearranged within a tag list, a tag cannot be moved to a separate tag list.

Delete tags

We recommend archiving tags if you don’t plan to apply them to entries going forward. That way, you’re able to hold on to past tag data while keeping your tag lists clean. However, if you have no use for a tag or reporting on it will create errors and confusion, you can click the “…” next to any tag list or tag to delete it:

Once a tag has been deleted, it will be removed from any entry that it’s been applied to. If the tag you deleted was the only tag applied to an entry, it will appear under “Untagged” when you run reports for those logged hours.

Note: Once a tag has been deleted from Timely, it cannot be recovered.

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