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Getting Started with Timely
Setting up Timely for a remote team
Setting up Timely for a remote team

Getting your team ready to work remotely using Timely

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Timely is designed for every team. Whether you’re a tight-knit group sharing a single office or spread out across several countries and timezones. By centralizing all your team’s time in one secure space — which you can access from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet — Timely keeps everyone visible, aligned and on-task.

If you’re used to working remotely or just starting out, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Timely wherever you’re based.

1. Give everyone the right access

First, you’ll want to make sure you add users to your Timely account. When adding users, you can grant them a specific access level based on what information you want them to see. This allows them to facilitate team and project management if need be.

You can also add them to the projects they need to log time against. If your team is already using Timely, just make sure everyone’s been invited to projects they need access to.

2. Make sure people are using Memory

Next, make sure your team is logging their hours. We strongly recommend using Memory if you’re working from home, especially if you’re transitioning to it for the first time since regular note-taking can likely slip your mind. Using Memory lets you focus on your work without worrying about tracking it as you go; you can log your hours from your daily memories when it actually suits you. 🧠 

That said, we definitely understand there are different styles when it comes to logging hours. Your team has the option of using a timer or creating entries manually.

3. Get the mobile app

We also think it’s a good idea for your team to have Timely installed on their mobile devices (either iOS or Android). This allows your team to log hours from their iOS or Android device wherever they are, and receive handy push notifications if they ever forget to log their time. ⏱️📱

4. Keep everyone in focus 

For the managers out there, Timely makes viewing your team’s progress is really easy. To see a breakdown of what your team is up to over the course of the week, the Company view is a great place to start. It gives you a day-by-day view of all the hours your team logs, as well as an opportunity to schedule and plan resources. 

You can also use the People dashboard. This shows you whether your team is working within their set weekly hours or capacity. It's great for getting a grasp on people’s workloads and protecting them from burnout. Just use the Overtime 🔥 filter to dig a little deeper. 

You can also easily notify your team to log their hours. Use either the bell icon on the People dashboard or within an individual user’s profile. It saves you from constantly having to chase things up. 📥

5. Plan work in seconds

Using Timely, you and your team can now create tasks that sit between your projects and your time entries, allowing you to organize work into bite-sized pieces, and empower your team to manage their backlog as you work towards milestones, big and small.

6. Say it with charts

Being a part of a remote team requires proactivity, and with Timely’s reporting tools it’s easy to keep everyone up-to-date with day-to-day business operations. 📊

Create custom reports to pull the info that needs to be shared for project updates, team status, or individual performance reviews. That way, each team meeting or one-on-one meeting is ready to roll as soon as everyone’s on the call! ☎️

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