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Integrate Timely with Asana
Integrate Timely with Asana

See all your completed tasks inside your Memory timeline.

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While you work, Memory is quietly uploading all your desktop activities onto your Memory timeline. Understanding when you completed an Asana task helps you better understand what you've been working on, so you can accurately log your hours into a neat little package. 🎁 

How it works

  • Lets you see all the tasks you complete for an Asana project

  • Lets you see what time you completed the task

  • If you mark several tasks as 'complete' within 10 minutes, they'll be listed within one Asana memory.

Get Asana Connected

  • Log in to Timely

  • Go to your Hours > Day view

  • Click on 'Apps' in the Memory Timeline Toolbar

  • Select Asana

You'll be directed to the Asana page to connect a new account:

If you're not logged into Asana, you'll be prompted to enter your credentials. Next you'll be promoted to allow Timely access to your Asana account:

Once you do, your account will be connected:

Now you use your Memory events with your completed tasks from Asana to log more accurate hours in Timely!


Why do I see Asana events on my timeline, not just my completed tasks?
Your memory timeline will show data from your integration as well as your Memory tracked activities. If you logged into, for example, you will also see your activities on the Memory timeline. 

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