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Integrate Timely with Trello
Integrate Timely with Trello

Track all the Trello cards you work on from your Memory Timeline.

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Capturing the time you spend on task management just got a whole lot easier. By connecting Trello with Timely, you can see all the cards you create, edit and move each day right from your Memory Timeline. Magic! 🎩

The Trello cards you work on appear on your Memory timeline, you'll see them grouped together when you move or create several cards within 10 minutes.

How it works

Timely's Trello integration lets you see:Β 

  • any card you create

  • any card you update

  • any card you comment on

  • any card you add an attachment to

  • any card you add members to

A closer look at a Trello memory in Timely

Hover over the tracked Memory entry to scroll and view Trello card content.

Pro Tip: Integration memories reflect the activities completed in the tool along with the time they were captured - they aren't meant to capture the amount of time spent in Trello.
Memory activities include the website or application along with the duration of time spent working there, but might not have the broader context such as the card activity. The integration and Memory work in concert to ensure a complete view of your day is captured!

Connect Trello with Timely

  • Log in to Timely and click the Settings (gear) icon

  • Head over to the "Ecosystem" tab

  • Scroll down and then click "connect" next to the Trello integration

  • Click the "Connect new account" button to get started

  • A new window will open and you'll be prompted to log into Trello if you haven't already

    • Important - If you have pop ups blocked you'll need to enable them for this prompt. You should see that as an option to the right hand corner of the address bar if applicable.

  • Next you'll need to review the permissions and access that Timely requires for this integration to work before clicking the "Allow" button

That's it! Your Trello account is connected to Timely – you can now see exactly where your internal task management time goes!


How do I disconnect Trello from Timely?

We hope you'll find the Trello integration useful in Timely but certainly understand it might not be for everyone. If you'd decide it's not a great fit, just head back over to the Trello integration in the Ecosystem area and click the "Remove" button. Review the warning and then click "Remove" again to confirm.

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