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Integrate Timely with ClickUp
Integrate Timely with ClickUp

Does your team use ClickUp and Timely for the best of both worlds? Leverage Timely's ClickUp integration to ensure both apps stay in sync!

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Plans πŸ’³ : Premium, Unlimited, Unlimited+

ClickUp Plans: Business*

User Permissions πŸ‘₯: Admins

Required add-ons: *Tasks (Needed for the Tasks functionality)

ClickUp is a powerhouse productivity and project management platform used by teams of many sizes to plan, design, and execute their most critical work. Pairing these features with the worlds best AI-powered automatic time tracker - Timely - is a natural fit 🀝.
With that in mind, we're so excited to announce the newest integration in our Timely Ecosystem - ClickUp!

How it works

When enabled, the ClickUp integration will automatically sync the following activities FROM your ClickUp account TO your Timely workspace:


Projects imported via the ClickUp integration will appear in Timely in the Projects dashboard. Those users who are assigned to a Project in Clickup should also be assigned to that same Project in Timely if they already exist within the workspace.


Clients imported from ClickUp can be imported to Timely alongside Projects, where available. These can be viewed and managed in the Project Dashboard area of Timely, after clicking the "Manage Clients" button.


Tasks created in ClickUp can be synched to Timely - and to ensure the two platforms stay in sync, any time entries logged to imported Tasks will sync back to your ClickUp account. This would include the time entry's duration and associated notes.


Users will be imported via the ClickUp integration if they are attached to a ClickUp project and not already present within Timely. These new users will appear in the "Unassigned Users" section of the People Dashboard - they will not be automatically invited to Timely. Workspace admins will need to review those users imported and click the "Send invite" button to ensure they are added to Timely moving forward. Subscription fees associated with additional seats/users will apply.

Get ClickUp Connected

  1. Log into Timely

  2. Navigate to the Settings section by clicking the plug icon to the bottom left-hand side

  3. Click the Ecosystem tab

  4. Click the ClickUp icon

  5. Click the "Connect new account" button under the "Sync Integrations" header and follow the prompts to sign into ClickUp

  6. When promoted, select the workspace(s) you'd like to enable sync for

  7. Click the "Connect Workspace" button to confirm your selection

  8. You'll then be prompted to map the different elements of your ClickUp workspace to Timely, to ensure everything aligns correctly

    1. You can select the option to import Projects & Clients to Timely, or just Projects

    2. From the drop down below, select the mapping options that best fit your needs

    3. It's important to configure these mapping options during set up, as no data will be be able to sync successfully otherwise.

  9. Once complete, click the "Save" button to finalize the integration

Note: This is a workspace wide integration that only needs to be enabled once, and the user doing so must have admin level permissions in both platforms.


​*Do I need a specific ClickUp plan to use this integration?
For best results and to get the full benefit of this integration we'd recommend that you be on the "Business" ClickUp plan.
Please note the following limitations otherwise:
​Free version: Logged time against a Task will NOT be synced from Timely to ClickUp

Paid version: Logged time against a Task will be synced from Timely to ClickUp without any attributes such as their billable status, description, or labels.
These limitations are enforced by ClickUp's API settings and are not something we here at Timely can alter or control.
​Will this integration track the time that user's spend working within ClickUp?
The focus of this integration is ensuring that items and data remain in sync between ClickUp and Timely, saving folks time and effort overall. To capture the time spend folks working in ClickUp, we'd recommend leveraging the Memory app to capture that activity automatically.

Will this integration sync previous Tasks or other historical information?

Existing data from ClickUp will be imported as clients, projects and tasks in Timely depending on the settings. Logged time will be synced upon first set up and moving forward as long as the integration is connected.

Will changes made in ClickUp sync over to Timely automatically?

Yes! Updates to Projects or Tasks in ClickUp would be reflected in Timely shortly thereafter. For example, if a Project is renamed in ClickUp, you'd see that new name show up in Timely.

What happens if I need to remove the integration - will the synced data also be removed?

No, removing the active integration will prevent further items from being shared between the two platforms, but will NOT remove any data previously synced over.

Can I change the mapping of those items after the initial integration set up?
In order to update the mapping of those different entities you'd need to remove the ClickUp integration and then add it back in once again - following the same steps above. As a caution, however, you may face some duplicates as the items sync over again so would need to delete any extraneous items within Timely.


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