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Track time spent in Gmail
Track time spent in Gmail

Connect your Gmail accounts to capture the time you spend on email

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Want to know exactly how much time you spend on email each day? By connecting Timely to a Gmail account, all the emails you send each day will automatically appear in your private Memory Timeline.

What you see in Timely

  • All the people you email in a day

  • The subject field of each email sent

  • The time each email was sent

Close-up of a Gmail Memory. Hover on the Gmail icon to view its content.

Integrating Gmail with Timely

Option 1 - Connect Gmail from the "Apps" dropdown on Hours > Day view 

Click "Connect New Account":

Enter your email address and password, then hit "Allow" to grant Timely access.

Option 2 - Connect Gmail from the "Apps" page in Settings

You can also access the Gmail integration from the Apps page in Settings, where all integrations are managed. 

Click on the Gmail option and then follow the same "Connect New Account" steps above.

And you're all set! Now your Gmail account is connected to Timely.

Note: After setting up the integration, Timely will fetch the previous 30 days worth of emails sent and display them as memories on your timeline.

Removing the Gmail integration

To remove the Gmail integration with Timely, go back to your Apps settings page and select Gmail. Hit 'Remove' to end your integration. 

Note: Your entire Gmail event history will be removed from your Memory Timeline when you end your Gmail integration. Make sure to log all hours related to Gmail before removing the integration. Reconnecting the integration will pull the last 30 days worth of Gmail memories back to your timeline.

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Can I create an entry from a Gmail Memory?

You cannot directly create an entry from a Gmail memory, but you can use the information in the Gmail memory as a basis for your entry's notes.

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