Tasks in Timely's iOS app
Logging time to Tasks in Timely for iOS
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With the addition of Tasks to Timely's iOS app, it's never been easier to stay on top of milestones big and small, all while on the go!

To log time against a Task, head over to the Hours section in the Timely app and then tap the "+" button:

Next, you'll see the option to Select Task or Project along the top of your fresh entry:

From the drop down, you'll see Tasks and Projects listed separately as options to choose from. You'll find Tasks display with a separate icon, for easy identification:

Tasks Icon

Finally, fill out the other options for your time entry as you would normally. You'll want to make sure to set a duration, add an optional note, and assign any tags as needed:

Once your entry is complete, go ahead and tap the Check Mark βœ… to finalize your entry.

Note: While you can log time against Tasks on mobile, it isn't currently possible to create new or edit existing Tasks themselves for now. We do hope to roll out that functionality in the near future, and if that's something you'd be interested in, please feel free to share that feedback HERE.

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