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Projects in Timely’s Android app

Creating projects in Timely for Android

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There are few better feelings than emerging from a productive meeting. Everyone’s energized, on the same page and raring to go. Don’t lose that head of steam on the walk back to your desk to get everything organized! With Timely’s Android app, you can quarterback that project on the fly. Add your team, set rates and budgets and everything is ready to roll before you even hit your seat! 🪑

First, head to the “Projects” tab then the blue “+” in the bottom-right corner:

From there, you can add a title for your project by tapping “New project”:

Select the client it belongs to or create a new client:

Select the project color:

Note: You can tap the color palette for more options, but if you want to customize project colors create the project and update the color later from the web or desktop app.

Add users who can log time to the project:

Set one hourly rate for all users on a project, or individual rates per user:

Create a money or time budget:

Note: If you have the recurring budgets feature on your account, you won’t be able to set them on mobile; you’ll need to edit the project from the web or desktop app to set budget intervals. Also remember that once you set a recurring budget interval, it cannot be edited.

Finally, select the tags you want to use when logging time:

Note: You won’t be able to manage your tags on mobile, but you can update any tag lists or individual tags by signing into your Timely account on the web.

Tap the green check mark in the top-right corner of the screen and you’re done! ✅

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