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What is automatic time tracking?
What is automatic time tracking?

Introduction to Memory, Timely's automatic time tracking tool

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Memory is both a product and a section inside of Timely. It automatically captures everything you do on your computer throughout the day and imports the data into your Memory Inbox.

Accessing Memory

You need to download Memory on your Windows or Mac computer to make it all happen. It captures the time you spend on any file, website, or desktop app by reading your active window titles. Everything is recorded to a private timeline only you can access.Β 

With Memory, you get an accurate account of what you actually do every day. Every billable detail is captured, and you don't have to try to remember what you worked on!Β 

Installing Memory

To read more out more about installing Memory, click the link for the version that you require:

If you'd like to skip the articles and go directly to the downloads, you can do that here. To install Memory from Timely, click the Settings tab and click Integrations.

Memory and other Apps

Currently, we support several apps including Google Calendar, Office 365, Gmail, and GPS for iOS and Android. When you connect these apps, Memory will show specific events you've scheduled or places you've been to inside your private Memory Timeline.

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