Can't remember what you've done today or which task you completed? Well, keeping track of all your tasks that you complete making it incredibly easy to log your time for all the work you've accomplished today. This means all of your completed Todoist tasks will show up in Timely's Memory under inside of your Todoist memories.

How does it work

  • Lets you see the name of the task completed
  • Lets you see the time you marked the task complete
  • If you complete several to-do in a short period of time, they'll compile into a scrollable list.

Close up of a Todoist Memory

Hover the Todoist memory to view all your completed taks, scroll to see more.

Get Todoist connected:

Connect Todoist from the App page inside of Timely Settings.

Click on the Todoist application and connect new account to Timely

Click the Authorize button and sign into your Todoist account:

You'll then be brought back to the Todoist app page in your Settings.

Hurray! 🎉 Now your Todoist account is connected with Timely and your completed tasks will show up in your Memory timeline.

Other Related Questions:

What is Todoist?

Todoist is a task management tool. It offers cloud based collaboration on shared tasks. You can organize your tasks and projects and optimize your productivity.

*Important tip: You need to have a premium Todoist account to get your Todoist task in Timely. Grab one here.

How should I use the Todoist integration with Timely's Memory?

Filling out your timesheet can be super time consuming but with the Todoist integration you can cut that time in half! As you hover on your tasks you completed for the day, you'll be reminded what you worked on, allowing you to fill in your entry notes super quick. This is perfect for when you export your reports.

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