Connect Github with Timely's Memory and it will be the quickest way to track your time on the commits you make every day. 

How it works

  • Each public commit (including organizations) will have the title, description, time stamp, and branch. 
  • If an organization has set their commits to private it will not show up in your Github memories.

Close up of  a Github Memory

Hover to memory to view the content of the commits

Get Github Connected:

Connect Github the App page inside of Timely Settings.

Click on the Github application and "Connect new account to Timely."

Authorize the Timely to access your Github account.

Make sure to confirm the setup by typing in your password!

Once you do that you'll be brought back to the app page where it'll confirm that your account is connected.

Now you're all set and can track your hours based on the commits you've made!

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