Who likes doing things twice? We certainly don't and you probably don't either. That's why integrating your Google Calendar with Timely is the best thing since sliced bread! 🍞 

With the Google Calendar integration, you can see your scheduled appointments for each day and quickly log meeting time just by highlighting them. BOOM! Time logged.

Calendar Rules:

  • Every calendar event in your Google Calendar is imported into Timely.
  • Data is never sent back or changed in Google Calendar; what you do in Timely, stays in Timely.
  • Any changes you make in Google Calendar will automatically update in Timely.
  • Events you change in Timely (e.g. meeting times or tagged projects), will be overridden by any subsequent changes you make in Google Calendar.

Special Notes:

  • Multi-day events will only show up on the first day (e.g. if the event is Mon-Wed all day, the event will only import on Monday into Timely).
  • All-day events will not show up in Timely. To have these events show up in Timely, you can simply unselect the "all-day" option in the event and enter the From-To times. 
  • This is not a two-way sync, meaning Timely entries will not import into your Google Calendar. Only Google Calendar events will import into Timely.

Connect your Google Calendar:

  • Log in to Timely
  • Go to your Hours > Day view
  • Click on 'Memory Apps' in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select Google Calendar

You'll then hit this Google Calendar page: 

Click "Connect new account to Timely" and enter your credentials. Timely will then request access permission to your Google Calendars:

Click "Allow" and you'll be redirected back to Timely. 

Check the box next to your email address, hit "Save" and you're done. All your events will now be automatically added to your Memory Timeline!

Other Questions:

How do I disconnect the Calendar and remove all planned entries imported into my week?

To get rid of entries that have been imported to your week, you need to disconnect your Calendar integration with Timely. Just click the red "Remove" button on the Google Integration app page.

Keep in mind that entries imported as planned time that haven't been edited will be removed when you remove the Calendar integration from Timely.

I don't have access to Memory. Can I still use the Calendar integration?

You can. Events will still import to your "Week" view and appear under your Calendar "Day" view widget.

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