Logging sick leave and vacation hours is important for keeping Human Resources on track and understanding employees resources for upcoming projects. By creating an administrative client in Timely, you can keep track of all your internal non-billable hours. Then, create reports to get an overview of your personnel! 📆 

This article will show you how to set up your Timely account to track admin projects and show you how employees (or admins) can logs hours to those projects. 

Creating admin projects

Create non-billable projects representing various type of activities "Sick Leave", "Vacation" and "National Holiday" and make sure to add all users on your accounts to these projects. 

Assign those projects to a client with your Company name. 

Logging admin hours

Timely users can schedule or log their own vacation or sick hours directly onto their calendar. 

With Company view, Admin and Normal level users are able to plan and log hours for other users in Timely as well. This is especially helpful when someone will be out on leave for an extended period of time. 

Company view also provides great way to get an overview of your company's schedule for the week to keep on top of who's on vacation or on leave. 

Reporting on admin hours

You can access planned and logged admin hours such as sick leave or vacation hours from the Individual User page and the Individual Project page or simply from the Reports page. 

Create a template to save your filters and option settings. This will allow you to run the report weekly, monthly or yearly basis or for a custom time frame by just adjusting the timeframe 📆 

Pro-tip: Need to know how many days an employee has been absent? Just divide the total logged hours by the number of hours in your average workday (e.g. 8).

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