Setting hourly rates for a project is a great way of tracking work against a project budget. It also just makes good sense to see how much money you make with each hour. 😉 

Before we get into how to do this, note: if you edit an hourly rate globally for a project or individual, it will change all hours previously logged on that project.

Set hourly user rates per project from the Project page:

  1. Head to the Project section (make sure you're using the web browser version of Timely, or the Mac or Windows app!)
  2. Click on the project you want to edit
  3. Click on Edit Project button in the top-right corner of the screen to land on the project settings page, and find the Hourly Rate section:

4. You have three different options for setting a hourly project rate:

  • Set the same rate for everyone on the project
  • Set individual rates for each person
  • Make the project non-billable.

A)  To Set the same rate for everyone on the project:

Enter the hourly rate that you'd like to apply to everyone on the project.

The hourly rates for everyone involved in the project will auto-populate with the value you enter.

B) To Set Individual Rates:
Select the box next to each user to give them access to the project. Next, enter whatever hourly rate you want to set for each individual.

C) To Make a project non-billable:
Just select it and you're done – you don't need to set any hourly rates.

Set a user's project rate on the their Permissions page:

Adjust individual project rates for projects that don't have blanket rates attached to them.

Individual hourly rates per project

  1. Head to the People section
  2. Select the user you want to edit
  3. Select Per Project Rates
  • Projects using blanket rates are grayed out and can't be edited
  • Non-billable projects will state Non-billable

Set a global rate for a user

Setting a global rate for a user will auto-populate all projects they work on with a fixed hourly rate.

  1. Head over to the People section 
  2. Click on the user you want to edit
  3. Select Use the same rate for all projects 
  4. Set their global project rate 

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