Tags are great organizational tools and can be used in many different ways. We mainly use them to track different project phases, tasks and sub-projects.

Tags and sub-tags

Tags are your main tags. They can be used to track the phases and activities of a project.  

You can add as many main tags as you'd like to an entry.


These are secondary tags or project tasks. They are a great way to track the granular detail of what you work on within a specific project phase.

They're a really simple way of seeing how users spend their time within different project phases. 

Only one sub-tag can be selected per entry. Deleting a sub-tag in Settings > Tags will remove the main tag and sub-tag from any associated entries. 

Reporting using tags

Get a visual overview of your tags from an Individual Project page or when creating a Report template

If a main tag includes sub-tags, Timely will provide the total hours and/or money logged as well as a break-down of hours logged and/or money per sub-tag. 

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