Keeping track of how many vacation days or sick leave days your employees have is easy with Timely. Here's how you do it:

First create a project called "Sick Leave" and a project called "Vacation" with your company as the client.

Now every time a team member is sick or on vacation, have them log a pre-defined amount of time to these projects. Most of our clients use 8 hours to represent a full day, and 4 hours to represent half-days:

Now you can keep track of how much vacation or sick leave an employee has had in several ways, for example by going to their profile from the Users tab:

You can also see everyone's sick leave or vacation if you view the Project:

And of course you can view the same data from the Reports screen:

Power tip: Need to know how many days an employee has been absent? Just divide the total logged hours by the number you defined to represent a day (e.g. 8).

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