Timely's Android GPS tracker lets you track where you have been and for how long. No more worrying about knowing exactly how long your meeting ran over. Timely will track precisely how long you were on location and at what address, giving you an easily way to grab the duration of how long it took to get there and back!  

How to Enable Android GPS tracking

To start tracking your location, simply head to Memory Tab at the top-left of your menu. Then click on Apps in the top right. Click on "Track Location" and you are all set!

Why are Addresses only showing up for my location? Addresses are only showing up because GPS tracking registers your location based on your actual GPS coordinate, assigning that address to your displayed location.

Can I name the address as a location?
No, it's something we are looking into but if you'd like this feature, submit a Feature Request to let us know!

See where you have been!

As long as you stay in the same place more than 5 minutes Memory will track your movement and duration of your stay. This will then appear in the Memory Timeline.

Easy Time Entries

You can create entries for your timesheet directly from the Memory Timeline. It's as simple as selecting the location that was tracked and then hitting "Create Entry". You can even go back and edit or create notes for the location that was tracked.

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