Creating an entry to add your hours to your timesheet is super simple and intuitive! Let's blast through the steps now! 🚀

1.) Tap on the green circle with the plus sign. ➕

2.) Add all of your entry details: 

Tap to fill in your notes and decide if you want to add logged or planned time. Toggle right and left to adjust the time.

3.) Select a project (and a tag, if you need).

4.) Pick a day that you want the entry to be entered on.

5.) Hit save to create your entry!! 🤘

Other Questions:

How do I delete an entry?

To delete an entry on your Android device, tap on the entry. In the upper right hand corner, there are three dots " . . . ". Tap on those and you'll be prompted with the option to delete the entry.

Other Related Questions:

Where can I download Timely for Android?

Download it on Google Play

What Android OS version is compatible in order to use Timely?

The app will run on any 4.1+ device (API level 16)

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