Creating an Timely timesheet entry from your Android device is super simple. Let's blast through the steps! 🚀

Create a new entry

Tap on the green circle with the plus sign ➕

Add entry details 

Write any associated notes:

Select a project:

Add a tag:

Select either "Logged" or "Planned" time for the entry: 

Enter your hours or select a tracked memory from your timeline:

Then hit "save" to create your entry! 🤘


How do I delete an entry from Timely for Android?

Firstly, tap on the entry, then tap on the three dots "..." in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You'll then have the option to delete the entry.

What Android OS versions are compatible with Timely?

The Timely app will run on any iOS 4.1+ device (API level 16)

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