Creating an entry on your iOS device is super simple and ideal for when you're on-the-go, out of the office or just away from your computer! 

1. Click the "+" sign in the upper right-hand corner in Timely.

A new entry will open up.  Here you'll be able to:

  • Add notes (up to 1024 characters)
  • Select a project and client
  • Apply a tag to the entry
  • Add logged or planned time
  • Start and stop the timer for real-time manual tracking
  • Add a date for the entry

2. Add Logged or Planned time

To add Logged time, swipe left with your finger over the "0h 00m" and adjust it to the time you need.

Swipe left over the two big dots located on the top Logged hours to flip over to the Planned Hours.

To add Planned time, again swipe left with your finger over the "0h 00m" and adjust it.

3. Start the timer

If you feel you need to use the timer, just tap on it to start it. If the entry is closed, tap on the entry with the timer running to open it up and then tap pause stop the timer.

4. Select a Date for the entry

If you want your entry to be added to a different day, tap on the calendar icon with "Date" written next to it. 

A scroll bar containing Day, Month, and Year will appear. Just scroll up or down to select the date you want.

5. Create

Tap on "Create" in the upper right-hand corner when you're ready to save your entry.

See it all in one go below

Remember: you can edit your entry at any point!

Other Related Questions:

Can I select an exact time instead of 15-minute increments?

Sadly not from mobile, but you can make exact time changes on the Web and Desktop apps.

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