Reporting on tags can be really great when you want to fully understand where your time is allocated per project. We recommend setting up Tags to see total times on project phases. 

To generate a report that includes your tags, follow these steps:

1. Head over to the Reports page on the left hand menu navigation bar

2. At the top of the page, select the users, projects, and which columns you want to include on the report.

3. Click on the "Tags" tab and the select the tag you want to report on.
If you select the main tag it will automatically select all subtags associated with that tag. Deselect any subtag you don't want to include in the report by clicking on the small box next to the subtag.

4. Preview and review hours

*Total time spent on subtags will be factored into the main tag.

5. Select to generate your report either in a PDF or Excel file.

6. You did it! You made a report on your tags 🎉

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