Are you drowning in a sea of task tags and only want certain ones to show up for certain projects? Then you definitely need to use Project tags, which are available on both the Company & Enterprise plans

What are Project tags? 

Project tags are tags that belong to specific projects. When you create an entry and want to apply a tag, you will only be able to see the tags assigned to that project!

How do I apply them to a project?

Apply Project Tags to projects by selecting the tag dropdown menu under Tags on the "Edit Project" page. *You must be on the Company or Enterprise plan to access project tags.

Allowing specific tags on your projects

When you create or edit a project you can assign or remove any tag from the project. The Project Tag list (shown below) display a list of all the tags you have ever created in your tag management system.

Just select the tag you want to apply to a project and click "Update". The assigned tags will only show up when you create an entry for that specific project, like so:

Require tags for certain projects

You can also require that top-level tags be used on projects by selecting "Specify which tags are allowed and/or required."

NOTE: When tags are required on a project, you will not be able to save your entry until you have applied the required tags for that entry.

Now anyone on that project will only be able to see and use the tags you've specified! Way to go. 👏

Other Related Questions

What happens if I assign new tags to a project that already has existing tags?

For example: If you assign a project to only use the tag Design, Coding, and Sales and some entries in that project have the Support tag. You will either need to remove the tag Support from all entries associated to the project or assign the Support tag to that project so you can then save/update the your existing entries.

See also Creating & Managing Tags

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