In certain cases, you'll want to remove a project from Timely. It's really quick and easy, but remember that once a project is deleted you cannot get that project data back.*

Delete a Project (three ways)

  1. Head to the Project page and use our awesome search bar to get the the project you need.

Then select your project to land on its individual page. Use the "..." and select "Delete" to remove the project from Timely.

If you're looking to switch things up and quickly delete a project that has been pinned, you can remote it directly from the Project Dashboard Page.

3. Alternatively, navigate to the All Project Page. Use the "..." on the far right-hand side to open a dropdown menu for the project you want to delete. Select "Delete" and your project will be deleted forever. 😱

IMPORTANT: If you delete a project, all of the entries associated with that project will be deleted too. If you want to keep entry information linked to a specific project, we recommend that you archive your project instead.

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