One of the Timely features we're most proud is our unique calendar integration. It works with all major calendar formats and means you never have to duplicate effort recording meetings and appointments on your timesheet. Here's a quick rundown on how to set up event integration for your preferred calendar app.

Start with a project

Timely needs a default project to import calendar entries into. If you want to import your work calendar, you'll probably have meetings and scheduled activities for different clients in there. But we find the best workflow is to create a project just for managing imports (call it "Imports") and tag imported entries to the right projects in Timely as you go along.

Calendar App Integration (Google, Office 365, & Outlook)

Integrating your Calendar is easy peasy. With our calendar app integration you can import:

  1. Recurring events
  2. Multi-day events
  3. Full-day events

The initial calendar import only takes a few minutes. After that, auto-imports occur in near-real time.

Rules of importing calendar events

  • Any changes you make to events in Timely (e.g. updating the time or project), will stop be overruled by changes you make in your calendar app.
  • Whenever you make changes in your calendar app, Timely will update your corresponding event.
  • Data is never sent back or changed in your original calendar. The stuff you do in Timely stays in Timely.
  • Private events won't import into Timely.
  • Multi-day events will only show up on the first day (e.g. if event is "Mon-Wed all day", the event will only import on Monday into Timely).

Other Questions:

Do you support Apple Calendar?

Unfortunately not, but there is a workaround. The only calendars we support right now are Google, Office 365, and Outlook but if you'd like to give it an upvote on our public app roadmap, please do so here!

Connect your calendar

Set up Google Calendar
Set up Office 365 / Outlook
Set up Apple iCalendar (workaround)

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