Not exactly, but there's a hack around it and here's the best way to do it!

Typically, when scheduling calendar events on your chosen calendar platform (Google, Office 365, or Outlook), you'll only have one calendar that's used for all of your events. To get calendar events to automatically import into more than one project, you'll need to set up several calendars within your calendar platform.

This guide walks through how to auto-import events into several projects using Google Calendar:

1.) Head to your Google calendar

You can locate your calendar lists on the left-hand side of the page, using the triangle toggle icons to show or hide them. You should have two different lists to choose from:

  •  My Calendars (lists every calendar you've created within your Google Calendar). If the calendar box is filled with a color, it will show on your Google Calendar. If the calendar box is empty, it means it's hidden.
  • Other calendars (calendars that are shared with you, but were created by other people)

2.) Create a new calendar

Next to "My calendars", click the dropdown and select "Create new calendar". You can use this new calendar to house all of the events you'd like to automatically import into a specific project. 

In this example, we've named the calendar Client X

*Tip: give the calendar the same name as the project you'd like to assign events to.

Make sure to select the correct time zone.

Create the calendar!

3.) Set up your calendar to auto-import into Timely

Now, head over to your Google Calendar integration page in Timely.

  • Select your newly created calendar (in this example Client X).
  • If you want these events to auto-import into the project that corresponds to the Google Calendar, select the second radio button that reads "Show events on the day view and auto-import to a project [Name of Project]"
  • Hit save!

4.) Now that the calendar is set up, add events in your Google Calendar

Just choose which calendar you'd like your event to fall under. 

You can also edit existing calendar events: click on the event to open it up and then edit the Calendar dropdown. 

Once you've selected the corresponding calendar, your event will automatically  import into your project in Timely!

5.) 🎉 Way to go! You did it

Now you can set up as many calendars as you'd like within your calendar platform to import events into any number of different projects in Timely!

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