No one wants to do the same task twice, especially when you're trying to work smarter and save time. 

That's why integrating your Office 365 / Outlook Calendar with Timely is awesome! 💥It lets you automatically import recurring events, multi-day events, and full day events directly to your Memory timeline. 

All scheduled events show up in your Memory Timeline, for a simple view of the day's appointments. It even imports event titles, so you don't have to fill in any notes. By capturing all the time you actually spend on the event (rather than just what you planned), you can create an accurate log for your time. 

Calendar Rules:

  • The stuff you do in Timely stays in Timely. Data is never sent back or changed in Office 365/Outlook
  • Timely will only import calendar events created post-integration; your past calendar events will not be imported
  • Any changes you make in Office 365/Outlook will be automatically pulled through to Timely
  • Events you have changed in Timely (e.g. updated the time or linked project) will be overridden by any changes you make in Office 365/Outlook
  • Every calendar event in your Office 365/Outlook calendar will be imported into Timely EXCEPT for private events; these are never imported into Timely

*Special Notes:

  • Multi-day events will only show up on the first day (e.g. if the event is Mon-Wed all day, the event will only import on Monday into Timely).
  • This is not a two-way sync: entries created in Timely will not import into your Office 365/Outlook Calendar.
  • Only Office 365/Outlook Calendar events will import into Timely

Connect Office 365 / Outlook with Timely

  • Log in to Timely
  • Go to your Hours > Day view
  • Click on 'Apps' in the Memory Timeline Toolbar
  • Select Office 365

You'll be directed to the Office 365 page to connect a new account:

Click 'Connect New Account', select the account you wish to connect, and enter your credentials:

You'll reach a page where you need to verify your credentials and enter your password.

Timely will then request permission to connect to your Office 365. Just hit 'Accept' to proceed:

Once back in Timely, you'll need to choose the calendars to import from. Have multiple calendars? No problem - select as many as you'd like to integrate them at the same time. You can always come back later to edit your selections.

Hit 'Save Now' and all of your events will automatically be uploaded to your Memory Timeline. 

Related Questions

How do I disconnect the calendar and remove all the planned entries imported into my week?

You just need to disconnect your calendar integration with Timely - click on the red Remove button on the Office 365 page:

*Keep in mind that entries imported as planned time that haven't been edited will be removed when you remove the calendar integration from Timely.

I don't have access to Memory. Can I still use the Calendar integration?

Absolutely! Even if you haven't installed the Memory tracker, you will still be able to see your integrations on the Memory Timeline. 

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