Timely uses the international standard 24-hour clock format to log time. If you're a 12-hour clock user - hello, Americans! ⚾ - just enter your time in AM and PM mode and Timely will convert it for you!

Here's what we mean: 

Pro Tip: Just make sure you add a zero before single-digit morning hours, otherwise they will be converted to night-time hours. 

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Why is 9:30 AM switching to 21:30?

If you want to write the time in the morning, make sure to use 09:30. The zero ensures your time is in the morning and not at night.

If you don't include the zero the time will switch to 21:30.

Will Timestamps show up in my Reports?

Timestamps aren't yet available via Reports, but we plan to add them soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for it!

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