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Connecting Timely with Microsoft Teams
Connecting Timely with Microsoft Teams

Easily stay on top of your work completed in Microsoft Teams

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Plans πŸ’³ : Everyone

User Permissions πŸ‘₯: Admins*

For legacy plans, please refer to the article here.


Required Permissions

Microsoft Teams is a workspace level integration, meaning that it is enabled once and then available to all Timely users on your workspace. As such, you must be an admin level user in Timely in order to enable this feature.
Additionally, only those listed as the following roles within the MS Teams workspace can approve the integration:
*Global Administrator

Other access levels, such as Teams Administrator, are not sufficient.

Microsoft Teams has arrived at Timely! Teams has become near ubiquitous with remote work or team communication and we're so excited to offer this integration to help save you time and effort.

With just a few quick clicks you can enable our hassle-free integration - letting Timely automatically capture your time in Teams calls as well as a record of any Teams documents you've worked on.

This is a wonderful compliment to our fantastic lineup of native integrations, and of course, our dedicated Memory app.

What you see in Timely:

Once you've authorized the integration between Timely and Teams, you'll begin to see the following items on your timeline:

  • Teams calls

    • Call attendees

    • Call duration

  • Teams documents - type, title, and time accessed

    • Document entries are intended to show what you've worked on, but as they don't include a duration, should be used as a supplement to other sources, such as the Memory app


Integrating Timely with Teams

Connecting your Teams account and Timely is a snap, just head over to the Settings < Integrations section within Timely:

Click on the Microsoft Teams option

Click "Connect new account"

Then follow the prompts to authorize the integration


Do I need to be an admin in Teams to authorize this integration?

You must be both and admin level user in Timely as well as a "Global Administrator" in order to enable this connect. Please see above Required Permissions section for more context.

Can anyone with a Microsoft Teams account use this integration?

For now, the Teams integration requires a managed organization level account in Microsoft Teams in order to utilize this integration. Solo Teams users and those with individual accounts are not able to connect at this time. We do hope to expand this integration in the future and if this is of interest to you, please feel free to submit that feedback HERE.

​Will my Teams message activity be captured?

At present, the Teams integration is able to automatically sync over the specific activity listed above. That being said, we're always working towards improving our integrations and that functionality may become available in subsequent updates. If this feature is important to you please feel free to share that feedback with us HERE.

Will my past Teams activity sync over as well?

Once you've set up the Teams integration you'll begin to see your activity fill up your timeline as you work throughout the day. The integration must be active in order for activity to appear and historical activity can't be imported at present.
​My admin just configured the Teams integration but I'm not seeing anything in Timely?
After the integration has been initially enabled, it can take some time for individual employee's activity to begin displaying on their timeline. We'd recommend reaching out to the Support Team if you don't see your activity on your timeline after 24 hours or so. There is no special action you as an individual need to take to enable the integration once your admin has set it up.

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