Timely will upgrade the backend API's for our Outlook and Office 365 integrations on Monday, November 28th 2022. This update will take advantage of recent updates and enhancements from Microsoft and will help us continue to deliver the security and performance that you expect from our app.

What this means for you

On Monday 28th of November, we kindly ask that you reconnect your Outlook and Office 365 integrations by following these easy steps:

1. Head to the integrations page within Timely:

2. Under the "Requires attention" header, click the "Review" button to the far right of either the Office 365 or Outlook integrations:

3. Click the "Reconnect" button towards the bottom and follow the prompts to sign into your Microsoft account and reconnect

🚨Note: Clicking the "Remove" button at this stage and then reconnecting should be avoided, as doing so will remove your past memory history from these integrations.

🎉🥂 Once this process is complete, you can continue to use Timely as normal and your activity from Office 365 and Outlook will populate your timeline as before.


Why is Timely doing this and why do I have to take action?

Microsoft has released a new version of their backend API, which Timely uses in order to sync your activity information and generate memories. They have also deprecated the previous version of their API, which Timely had relied on for our integration.

Your action is necessary here in order to reconnect the integration and authorize Timely to sync information over via this new backend API.

What happens if I don't follow these steps?

If no action is taken after the update you'll no longer see your Office 365 calendar entries or Outlook email activity on your timeline in Timely. It's important that you take action to ensure a seamless experience.

What happens if I have more questions or need help with this process?

You can always reach out to the Timely Support Team via email at support@timelyapp.com and we'll get you taken care of. We're here to help! 🫡

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