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Integrate Timely with Basecamp
Integrate Timely with Basecamp

Integration with Basecamp 4 to see your ToDos and message activity - right inside your Memory timeline.

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Basecamp is an essential component of many organization's project management process - it's been an absolute game changer for keeping team members on the same page. With that in mind, we've made it easier than ever to stay on top of those activities completed in Basecamp.

How it works

When integrated, these activities from Basecamp will automatically display on your timeline within Timely:

  • When you mark a ToDo as completed

  • When you submit a comment on a given board/topic

  • When you add a new message to a board *this is specific to the “Message” widget that can be added to boards

  • When you answer a question posed by a “Check-in” widget *this is specific to the "Check-in" widget that can be added boards

Basecamp memories reflect the activities completed in the tool along with the time they were captured - they aren't meant to capture time spent in Basecamp. For that helpful context, you'd want to make sure you have our companion Memory app installed on your device. The integrations and Memory work in concert to ensure a complete view of your day is captured!

Get Basecamp connected

  1. Log into Timely

  2. Navigate to the Settings section by clicking the plug icon to the bottom left-hand side

  3. Click the integrations tab

  4. Click the Basecamp icon

  5. Click the "Connect new account" button and follow the prompts to sign into Basecamp

  6. Click the "Yes, I'll allow access" button to finalize this process


How do I remove the Basecamp integration?

You can disconnect the integration at any time! Simply head over to the Settings < Integration section within Timely, click the Basecamp icon again, and then click the "Remove" button.

Please note: removing the integration will not remove any memories already created via the Basecamp integration.

How far back will Timely sync over Basecamp activity?

You'll see the last 30 days of Basecamp activity on your timeline.

If another Basecamp user marks my ToDo as complete, will that create a memory on my timeline?

No, Timely will only capture the actions above that you yourself complete in Basecamp - the actions of other team members aren't included at present.

Does this integration work with all versions of Basecamp?

Timely is able to integrate with Basecamp version 4 specifically at this time.

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