Label Hours "Billed" or "Unbilled"

How to mark entries as "billed" to avoid double billing your clients

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🆕‼️ The "Billed" and "Unbilled" entry statuses are now a part of our comprehensive custom Time Entry States feature.

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For legacy plans, please refer to the article here.

It can be difficult to know which hours have been invoiced and which ones haven't. Timely solves this by letting you mark hours as "billed" on your project's page.

Open a project and navigate to the "Timesheets" tab to see all your tasks in a timeline view, along with the total amount "billed" or "unbilled" time.

To mark hours as "billed", simply check the boxes next to the hours you'd like to mark as "billed", "unbilled", or bulk update. Select the tasks you want to mark as "billed" or "unbilled", click "Update state" and make your selection before clicking "Update" to finalize.

All hours marked as billed will get a separate look and a new icon to differentiate them from the rest. Notice that billed hours have a "✅ Billed" icon displayed.

Other Related Questions

Can I lock hours without marking them as billed?

Yes you can! Timely now offers the ability to lock hours without affecting their status as either "billed" or "unbilled""

Note: Marking hours as billed still has the affect of locking hours in addition to changing the invoice status.

How can I ensure billed hours won't be subsequently adjusted?

Once you mark hours as billed, the hours become "locked" and can't be changed by Manager or Employee level users. Only Admins on the account are able to adjust hours already marked as "billed".

For projects with a cost, do all hours have to be billed?

Nope, for projects with a cost or monetary budget, users can choose to make individual time entries as either "Billable" or "Non-billable".

This can be helpful for situations where you may need to track administrative or operational tasks that don't necessarily need to be charged to a client. Those hours are logged to the project, but do not count towards the project's monetary budget or the monetary total of an invoices.

To make this selection simply click the "$ Billable" button amongst the various time options. If you need to change it back, click the "Non-billable" button in the same location.

Can I report on hours Marked as Billed?

You can, directly from the any project’s page and in Reports! Navigate to the “Timesheets” tab of any project to get a list of all the hours, set any necessary filters to pull the right data sample, and then filter that by unbilled hours.

Can I bulk update several hours at once?

Absolutely! Bulk updating hours is great when you need to apply a particular tag to many hours for several different users.

Use the checkboxes on the left-hand side, just like before. Select which tags you want to apply and hit "Update". Keep in mind that updated tags will override any previously added tags.

You can also bulk update hours across multiple projects using reports in Timely as well. 👍

Note: You can also bulk delete hours if you need to. We recommend that you use this feature carefully as once you delete hours, you can't get them back!

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