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Snapshot reports in Timely

Quickly share your timesheet and review shared reports

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For legacy plans, please refer to the article here.

We know it can be a little annoying to go through a three-step process to get your client their report: download it, save it, and then email it. That’s why we’ve reduced it to just one click! Just generate a sharable link to your report and send it to your client for instant access.

Create and share a report

Once you have finished setting up your report, hit "Create report" to save it and then click "Share" in the top-right corner.

Depending on your plan, you’ll have two options for sharing reports in Timely:

  • Snapshot reports

  • Live public reports

Note: For users on the Unlimited plan, you’ll also be given the option to publish live versions of your Timely reports. Not sure whether or not your plan includes live reports? Check out our pricing page or reach out to our team at!

Preview reports

Once you've clicked "Preview and publish", you'll get to preview your report, letting you make sure all "i"s are dotted and "t"s are crossed. If you need to adjust your report, simply click back on "Template" in the upper-left-hand corner:

Publish reports

Click “Publish" in the upper-right-hand corner to create a shareable link to your report. This link will appear at the top of your report, where you can copy it to your clipboard or choose to “Unpublish and delete” the report:

Historic shared reports

You’ll find a list of your previously shared reports by going scrolling down in the Dashboard tab of Reports. New reports will appear here once they've been created and shared. To find reports you’ve shared, you can filter based on the date reports were created, the number of hours they included, the details contained (timeframe covered and report name), and their status (when they were last seen):

To view a report that you've created or shared, you'll need a URL, similar to: All reports have a unique URL. Just paste the URL into your browser to view your shared report:

If a report is old, the project has concluded or you simply want to revoke access to your shared report, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your "Shared Report" list

  2. Click on the three dots "..."

  3. Select "Revoke & Delete"

Doing so will only delete the shared version of the report, not the data reported.


Can viewers interact with my publicly shared report?

A really cool aspect of shared reports is that you can engage with the report itself. You can order columns numerically based on "logged money" to grab a quick understanding of which projects actually put money in the bank!

Note: If your plan doesn’t support live reports, the version of your report accessible from your public URL won’t allow viewers to see individual entry details.

I just deleted the report from my Reports Dashboard. Does that also revoke access to the shared report?

Deleting the report itself doesn’t revoke access to the shared version. To do so, head to your Dashboard and scroll down to “Shared Reports”. Once you’ve found the report, click the “…” menu and “Revoke & Delete” to revoke access to the report.

If you haven’t deleted the report yet, you’ll find the report’s name underneath the shared version it was based on. If you have deleted the report, that field will be blank, but you can still track a specific shared version down using the date you shared it and its status (live or static).

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