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Track time spent in Outlook
Track time spent in Outlook

Capture the time you spend writing emails in Outlook

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Writing emails can sometimes seem like an endless task but when it makes a difference to the bottom line, we at Timely want to make sure you get the necessary details right. With our Outlook integration, you now get extra detail about the emails you send pulled straight into your Memory timeline.

What you see in Timely

  • The emails you send in a day

  • The subject field of each email sent

  • The time each email was sent

  • The emails you compose (Outlook desktop app only)

  • The emails you reply to (Outlook desktop app only)

Note: The Outlook integration is not able to capture time spent working within Outlook, instead logging the individual actions above. We'd recommend using the Memory app in combination with the Outlook integration, which would capture time spent in the Outlook app or website, to provide the most complete view of your day.

Integrating Outlook with Timely

To set-up the Outlook integration with Timely, first head to Settings > Integrations then select “Outlook” from the list of “Personal integrations”:

Click “Connect new account” and sign in using your email address:

Accept the permissions and then you’re done!

Now your Outlook account is connected to Timely!

Note: After setting up the integration, Timely will fetch the previous 30 days worth of emails sent and display them as memories on your timeline.


How do I remove the Outlook integration?

To remove the Outlook integration with Timely, go back to the Integrations page page and select Outlook then hit “Remove”.

Can I create an entry from an Outlook memory?

You cannot directly create an entry from an Outlook memory, but you can use the information in the Outlook memory as a basis for your entry's notes.

Can I connect my Office365 Exchange account to Timely?

No, Timely's Outlook integration is only able to connect to Microsoft's web based Outlook services at this time. We are not able to sync data using a Microsoft Exchange server.

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