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Simply having data doesn’t cut it in business these days. Where, when and how you get that information can make a huge difference between making smarter choices faster and managing bottlenecks that bring work to a screeching halt. Timely provides several notification options for new workspace activity, so that no matter where you spend the most time, you’ll always be in the know! 💡

Timely notifications include info about projects that are created and deleted, budget milestones being reached or reminders to log hours. They exist across Timely on the web and on mobile in order to make sure you’re getting the info you need where you need it. Below, we’ll go into greater detail on these notifications and where you’ll find them:

Web feed 💻

When using Timely on the web, you can find notifications by clicking on the bell icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen:

A badge will show up indicating that you have new or unread notifications to check in on. 🔴

Mobile feed 📱

For mobile users, you’ll find this information by tapping on Profile then Notifications:

While you won’t be able to interact with any notifications that have been greyed out (i.e. archived or deleted projects), tapping on notifications in bold will reveal their details. Once you’re up to speed, tap the “Mark All Read” text to keep new notifications from getting mixed up with those you’ve already gone through. ✅

Push notifications 📳

Push notifications require you to install the Timely mobile app for Android or iOS.

iOS 🍎

Once installed, head to the Settings page and toggle "Allow push notifications".

Android 🤖

Timely push notification on Android are managed in the App section of your phone’s settings. Go to your App Preferences on Android, find Timely, then toggle "Show notifications".

From there, open Timely in a browser or use the desktop app to head to Settings > Notifications and select the events with a “Mobile” checkbox that you want to be notified about.

Note: Once you activate push notifications on mobile, you'll automatically receive alerts whenever management requests you to log your hours.

Email notifications 📩

For those with inboxes that are oh so fresh and clean, head to Settings > Notifications to customize the reminders and updates you'd like to receive via email:

Timely updates ⏱️

You can also opt-in to stay up-to-date on Timely's latest features and new releases. From product updates to user feedback surveys, decide what you'd like us to inform you on:

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