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Managing your Timely workspace
Managing your Timely workspace

Everything you need to customize your Timely workspace

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Within Timely, we refer to accounts as “workspaces”. Everything you and your team does in Timely takes place within a workspace: creating projects, creating time entries, running reports — the list goes on!

To access your workspace settings, you’ll need to be on the web or desktop app. Simply click the logo in the top-left corner of the screen in Timely then select “Settings” to get started:

Once there, you’ll be able to edit or adjust the following:

Note: this page is only available to Admin-level users and some privileges, like transferring ownership of a workspace, are only available to the owners of a workspace.

Change the workspace name

This is where you’ll put the name of your company. If you’re a freelancer, that could be your own name or the name you thought of for your, work. If you’re managing a business, you’ll but the company’s name here. Updates to any clients or projects can be done so from the Projects tab in the navigation bar.

Change the start of the work week

Here you can set the day that your work week begins. As most companies start their days on Sunday or Monday, all other days (Tuesday - Saturday) are not supported.

Change your currency

Choose whichever currency you use in your country or the primary currency which you use to bill your clients.

Note: You cannot generate invoices with a different currency. If you would like to do so you will need to come back to this page and adjust your currency to report in a different currency. Timely doesn’t currently support multiple currencies on a workspace, but if this is something you’d like to see, please submit a feature request to our team!

Set the weekly capacity

Set the minimum hours required for a complete work week at your company. This will be applied to the Control and Capacity features when you navigate to the People tab in the navigation bar.

Change your company logo and background color

Customize your account by adding a logo. This will appear in the upper-left-hand corner of your account for all users. The background color will be used as the header background for public reports and user profiles.

Note: White text will be printed over this color in public reports and user profiles so make sure to test with that before settling on a color.

Transfer ownership of a workspace

If you are the owner of the Timely workspace (i.e. if you were the initial user) you can transfer ownership to another person on your workspace.

Scroll to the bottom on the workspace settings page, select the new owner from the dropdown of admin users and update!


Is Timely supported in languages other than English?

Timely is currently only supported in English, but you are able to use your preferred language within Timely to label clients and projects. You're able to search for projects and clients in your preferred language as well.

Note: Tag lists and tags will need to be added and managed with Latin letters.

I’m signed in but I don’t see my projects or logged hours!

Keep in mind that Timely accounts follow the email address you used to sign up or the email address you were invited to join Timely with. Unless you’ve updated that info, you’re likely signed into a separate workspace with a different email address. First check to make sure there are no typos or obvious errors in the email address that you see in the workspace you’re signed into. If you’re a part of a company, you can also check with your admin to confirm the email address they have for you in Timely by viewing your user info in the People tab.

Can I have more than one Timely workspace?

Absolutely! If you want to start tracking tasks and projects for your personal ventures, or have multiple distinct entities that need to be kept separate, reach out to us at and we'll be able to assist you further.

Note: Any workspaces you create are linked to the email address you’re currently signed in with. If you can’t find a particular workspace, it may have been created while you were signed in with a different email address.

Do I have to pay for an additional workspace?

Yes, you’ll need to select and purchase a subscription separate from the plan used on any other workspaces you’re a part of.

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