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Managing your Timely profile
Managing your Timely profile

Updating and managing your personal details within Timely

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Editing your profile in Timely isn’t solely about making sure your info is correct and up-to-date. We also offer options to make your Timely experience as intuitive as possible, whether it’s adjusting date formats that appear on reports, choosing a 12 vs. 24-hour clock or changing how you sign into your account. Basic as those changes may be, they make logging and managing your hours a much smoother ride! 🚗 💨

Note: If you work with a team, edits you make to your profile will only affect your account; they won't change settings on your company’s Timely workspace.

Click your profile picture icon in the lower-left corner of Timely and select “Edit My Profile”. This will take you to a page where you can edit everything listed below:

Changing your profile pic 🖼

This will be the picture your team sees in Timely. You can add or edit an existing profile picture by clicking your avatar image on the right-hand side of the page. If you already added a profile pic, you can Replace or Delete from here too.

Note: Picture dimensions must be at least 200x200 dimensions and less than 2MB.

Managing email addresses 📥

Simply enter your new email address in the “Primary Email” field and click “Update User”. For certain integrations like Zoom or Jira, you need to make sure the email address on those accounts and Timely match. If your Timely email address is different from your Zoom or Jira account email, no worries! You can “Add another email” in the field below your Timely email address so that we can link to that if need be.

Note: Users need to update their own name and email address from within their own accounts. Admins are not able to correct or change usernames or email addresses for other users after they’ve been added to Timely.

Managing authorization options 🔐

In addition to signing in with your email address and password, we also offer options to sign in using Google, Apple or, if you workspace admin has it set-up, Microsoft.

Note: Once you’ve selected one of these authorization options, you’ll only be able to change by entering and confirming your password.

Changing your password 🙊

It's good practice to change your password regularly. The “Change password” link will prompt you to enter and repeat a new password, then confirm the change with your current password.

Note: Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long. If you have Google Auth or Sign in with Apple enabled, you won’t be able to change your Timely password unless you disable either of those settings.

Changing your time zone 🌍

If you travel often for work, it's a great idea to make sure the time zone in your profile matches your current location. Something to keep in mind is that changing your time zone will affect your timestamps, Memory AI suggestions, and the time and day on your Memory timeline.

Note: If Timely auto-detects that you are in a different time zone to what your “Settings” indicate, you will be notified with a banner on the top of your screen. Just click the link to be redirected to your profile.

Changing your time and date formats 🕰

Timely has you covered regardless of the clock you use, be it 12 or 24-hour! Select whichever format you’re most comfortable with and you’re all set with your preferred time format when you go to set the From > To time when logging your hours in Timely!

Note: When using the 12-hour clock, Timely defaults single digit times to PM. If you’re looking to log time in the morning, simply type “a” after the digit for AM (i.e. “9a”). The 24-hour clock also defaults single digits to time in the evening, so make sure to type a “0” in front if you’re logging time in the morning (i.e. “09”).

Timely's default date format on exported reports follows the international standard of day/month/year. Timely users in the U.S. and those with North American clients can change their preference on a personal account basis to month/day/year, to make life easier.

Download and email your personal data 💾

You can have your Timely personal data downloaded and emailed to you at any time. Just click the link, and wait to receive the email. The size of your file will affect how long it takes for you to receive the email.

Deleting memories ❌

While it will severely limit the value you get from automatic time tracking, you also have the option to quickly delete whole chunks of your Memory history using these steps. Even though Memory data is completely private to you, we want to help you manage your memories however you want.

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