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Connecting Timely with Jira
Connecting Timely with Jira

Deep dive into how you spend time working in Jira

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Plans 💳 : Everyone

User Permissions 👥: Admins

For legacy plans, please refer to the article here.

Getting the right combination of tools in your tech stack is crucial to helping your team do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Timely, our job is to make sure the time they spend in those tools is neatly linked together, so project work stays visible.

That’s why you can now connect Timely with Jira directly! All the work you do in Jira — including the projects you create and update, and the issues you close — can now be reviewed from your private Memory timeline.

Provided you’re an Admin in Timely, head to the Integrations tab within Timely and select Jira to get started:

You’ll then be taken to the Jira Marketplace where you can add Timely as an app:

Note: You must be an Admin user in your Jira account to add Timely from the Marketplace.

You’ll then need to select your Jira workspace in order to pull information into Timely:

Review the permissions and click to connect to finish within the Marketplace:

Once you’ve finished with Timely in the Marketplace, you’ll be brought back to Timely with the Jira integration authorized and connected:

Note: You must be logged into Jira and use the same email address that you use in Timely. If need be, you can add another email address in Timely by going to Settings > Profile.

You'll also want to make sure that your email address can be accessed by Timely by going to "Profile and visibility" within your Atlassian account, scrolling down to the "Contact" section and making sure the option is set to "Anyone":

Once everything’s set up, the following events in Jira will be registered on your timeline:

  • Updating issues

  • Creating issues

  • Deleting issues

  • Creating projects

  • Deleting projects


I’m not an Admin so how can I connect my Jira account?

Once your Admin connects Jira and Timely, it’s all done for you! All users on your Timely workspace will start seeing their individual Jira activity appear on their private timelines.

Will I see everything my team does in Jira on my timeline?

Not at all! Only your Jira activity will show up on your private timeline, keeping it clean and specific to you!

What happens if I remove the Jira integration?

If you're having issues with the Jira integration, please reach out to our team at As a part of troubleshooting, we may need you to remove and re-add the integration but please note that if you remove the integration, you will lose the memories that have been brought in previously and after reconnecting, you will only receive Jira memories from that point in time going forward.

Why can't I remove the Jira integration from Timely?

While you can set-up the Jira integration via Timely, the integration from that point must be managed in the Atlassian Marketplace.

What happens if I move to a subscription that doesn't include the Jira integration?

The duration of all logged time entries you've created with Jira memories will not be affected but if you move to a plan that doesn't support workspace integrations like Jira, be aware that the integration along with all memories will be removed.

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