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Connecting Timely with Zoom
Connecting Timely with Zoom

Seamlessly pull all of your Zoom calls into Timely

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Plans 💳 : Everyone

User Permissions 👥: Admins

For legacy plans, please refer to the article here.

Meetings today are increasingly evolving away from the physical and towards the digital —chatting face-to-face with people thousands of miles and many countries away over video. What used to require hours of travel and fuss can now take minutes; coordination is simple, set-up minimal and, most importantly, stuff gets done!

But that doesn’t mean capturing and representing work spent in meetings has become any easier. To help you out, we’ve built an integration with Zoom that automatically tracks all the time you spend in conference calls as and when they happen. No more puzzling about who you talked to about what — just take a look at your private timeline in Timely!

What you see in Timely

As long as you’re signed in to Zoom's desktop app before you start or join a meeting, Timely will record details such as:

  • Who organized the meeting

  • When you joined the meeting

  • When you left the meeting

Integrating Zoom with Timely

Note: You must be an admin on your Zoom account and your Timely workspace in order to connect this integration.

Setting up the integration is super simple too! To start, you’ll find it alongside our other specialist integrations by signing into your Timely account and heading to Settings > Integrations:

Sign in to connect your account:

Now you’re all set! Any user in your organization that uses both Timely and Zoom will now see all their calls on their private timeline — you’ve added the integration for them!


I’m a non-admin Zoom user on my team. Do I need to do anything?

Nope! Once the admin has connected Zoom, all you need to do is make sure you’re signed into your Zoom account before starting or joining a meeting in order to have Timely capture details.

What if my Zoom email is different from the email on my Timely account?

Using the “add another email” field in your profile, enter the email address you use for your Zoom account. Timely will use that information to sync your Zoom account with Timely.

What happens if I’m not signed in with my Zoom account before I start or join a meeting?

Memory will still capture your time spent in Zoom but it won’t have the same level of detail that the integration via Timely gets by you being signed into Zoom.

What happens if I move to a plan that doesn't include Zoom as an integration?

The duration of all logged time entries you've created with Zoom memories will not be affected but if you move to a plan that doesn't support workspace integrations like Zoom, be aware that the integration along with all memories will be removed.

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