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Duplicating projects in Timely

Create new projects using existing project details

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There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with organizing a project. You’ve got all the pieces in place, you’ve thought about all the contingencies and everything’s been planned, down to the smallest detail. But all that can quickly melt into frustration when your project changes and you need to adjust course. Bam! Now you’re back to square one. 

While Timely can’t stop your projects changing course, it can make managing the transition a whole lot easier. By duplicating a project, you can retain all its details to quickly update whatever’s necessary and get back to work. No need to reinvent the wheel and start everything from scratch — in a couple of clicks your original and duplicated projects will sit side by side! 👬

Duplicating projects is a breeze in Timely and we’ve given you a couple of ways to do it. First, you can head to the Projects tab and click the “…” drop-down on the project you want to duplicate:

Alternatively, you can open any project then click the “…” drop-down next to “Edit Project” to duplicate it:

Both methods bring you to a page where you can edit project details:

Note: We recommend renaming your new project to easily differentiate it from the original, especially if you use Timely’s reports internally or create invoices.

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