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How do I customize my branded report's logo and color?
How do I customize my branded report's logo and color?

Add a personal touch to your reports

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Sometimes a personal touch is all it takes to create a lasting relationship with a client. Presentation matters, and if you want to make sure the reports you send to your clients look as good as the numbers do, Timely's got you covered. In just few clicks, you can add your company's logo and style reports so that each time you send them out, you know they go out looking great! 🎨

To upload or update your logo, head to Settings > Workspaces. In addition to being front-and-center on reports you share via the web, your chosen logo also doubles as the icon for the workspace you're currently using. πŸ–Ό

Note: Make sure your logo image is at least 200 x 200 pixels and less than 2MB in size. Save it as a PNG or JPEG.

Updating your workspace background color will also change the color of your report headers for brand consistency. To change the color, you'll need to know the hex color code. If you're not sure what it is off the top of your head, use a tool like this to find what you're looking for. Just keep in mind that the header overlay text is white; test out any new background color to make sure your text is still readable.

When you're finished, click "Update Settings" to check out your vibrant new reports! 🌈

Note: Your logo and background color choices only apply to reports you send using the shareable link provided by Timely. Also remember that data is fixed from the moment you share your report. If you add/delete hours afterwards, the figures won't change.

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