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Why we had to remove the feature from Timely's Android app

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Since November 2017, Timely users with an Android phone have been able to automatically track phone calls to their Memory timeline. Many of you have come to love and depend on this feature, especially for capturing billable time spent on the phone that would otherwise be lost.

Due to a recent change in Play Store policy, we sadly have to remove the Phone Call Log feature from our Android app.

Why is this happening? 

We have been fighting hard, going back and forth with Google, to be able to keep this key functionality. Unfortunately, they have not yet granted us an exception which would allow us to keep it.

Can't you just keep the call logs on?

If we refused to remove the Phone Call Logs from Timely, Google would completely remove Timely from the Google Play Store, meaning you would no longer be able to time track on-the-go. 

The last version of Timely’s Android app with phone call logs is version 2.14.0-5715.

Want to get this functionality back?

How you can help save the phone call logging feature:

  • Retweet, comment, and like our plea to Google, or write your own if you prefer.

  • Contact Google Play and tell them how this will negatively impact you. If you live in the United States you can call (855) 836-3987 any time of day, seven days a week. You can also go to > apps > question bubble > send feedback. 

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