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Deleting your Timely workspace
Deleting your Timely workspace

Permanently delete your workspace and yourself from Timely

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So you want to make like Anthony LaPaglia and leave us without a trace? 

When you cancel and delete your workspace, all of your data will be permanently deleted – including hours, users and reports. 😱

If you don't want to lose your data, just cancel your subscription instead. All your data we be retained in case you choose to return to Timely at a later date. It's not good-bye forever, you're just taking a break.

Deleting your account

The option to delete a workspace can only be accessed by workspace owners while signed into Timely on a computer. Not sure if you're the workspace owner? Head over to Settings > Workspace and scroll down past the 'Workspace Settings' options.

As the owner of the Timely workspace, you'll see the option to transfer ownership (e.g. if you're leaving the company) or delete the workspace completely. Just beware: deleting your workspace will permanently delete the data throughout the entire workspace, and we won't be able to retrieve it once it's gone.

Once you start the process to delete your workspace, you'll be prompted to complete a brief exit survey. Your feedback really helps us improve and we really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey:

Once you've deleted your workspace, you'll still be able to sign in with the same username and password, but your email will no longer be linked to a Timely workspace.

Note: The workspace deletion process only applies to the specific workspace you're logged into at the time of deletion. If your email address is linked to other Timely workspaces, they won’t be deleted; you’ll need to repeat the deletion flow for any additional workspaces you want to remove.

When you choose to delete your workspace, your workspace data is erased from Timely. If you ever need to come back to Timely you can sign in with your username and password and create a new workspace, super-duper easy!

Once your workspace is deleted, you can then opt to delete your user information as well. You also have the option to download the personal data linked to that email account:

Once you're ready, confirm your password and click the red button. Your personal data will be wiped from Timely within 7 days.

Note: You'll need to perform these steps while signed into your Timely workspace on a computer.

Additionally, if you're not currently using another Memory product, like Dewo, you can also uninstall Memory from your Mac or your Windows PC.

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