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Can my boss or colleague see my data?
Can my boss or colleague see my data?

What information does Timely share and who can see your memories?

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Very simply, no way! Only you, and you alone, can see your data. You should always be in control over your data, after all, it's yours. We didn't build Memory so someone could spy on you! πŸ‘€
We want you to feel secure knowing that any information shown in your memories is only viewable and available to you as a user. Not even your employer has access to your memories, they're yours entirely. πŸ”’

  • Only you can see your memories

  • Memories are only available on your personal timeline and are not anywhere else within Timely

  • All information is kept entirely private and not shared with anyone

  • Your Week View is visible to your colleagues via Company View, but memories are private

  • We do not sell or forward your information to anyone

To find out more, all the details about privacy can be found in our Terms of Service.

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